Cindy Nirenberg, a California native, spent most of her childhood in the idyllic town of Quincy and currently resides in Los Angeles. Being attracted to various forms of art ever since her youth, one of Cindy's first artistic endeavors came at the early age of nine. During that year, her mother, an elementary school teacher who enjoyed doing large murals in tile, entered one of Cindy's drawings into a children's television show contest. Cindy won the contest and was able to see her work featured on the television screen.

From that moment, Cindy has been taking art classes in various mediums and forms. Having also studied classical piano, she obtained a Bachelor of Music Degree from the University of Utah. Art and music are a huge part of her life; she also performs with her husband's rock band.

Later in life, Cindy began focusing on her career as a court reporter and on raising a family of three children with her husband. As her children got older, Cindy gravitated toward drawing again. She began to produce pastel pet portraits for friends, family and clients. Then in 2011, Cindy picked up another medium of expression: painting with oil. She was able to study oil painting with art teacher Katie O'Neill, from O'Neill's Fine Art Studio in the Pacific Palisades. Working with oil paints has brought Cindy closer to the memory of her grandmother, who became an artist herself at the age of 60 after having raised eight children. Cindy remembers painting alongside her grandmother "plein air" at the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. Cindy's familial encouragement while growing up is clearly displayed within her oil paintings, for they are heavily inspired by the nature that surrounds her, her hometown while growing up, and by her family.